Saturday, 28 November 2009

one looooong post

Ive been writing my blog in a notbook as my blog seemed to give up in september so i thought id save time trying to work it an just come back to it nearer th time so here is my very long post about all my work throughout this year so far:

september has been the hardest month for me this year as i had had such a great summer nd i wasnt ready to be back in the u.k. let alone uni. the rirst prject we did i didnt love, i found it hard to work in groups because not everyone's opinions can be used in the work,i got on with my group but i just found it hard to get my ideas across as much as i'd have liked. critical studies this year was so much more interesting than in 1st, i really enjoy it at the moment and find the lectures and seminars interesting,my favorite so far is the marxism one we just had. I did philosophy and ethics in A-level which i think helps me understand the theories.

tailoring processes has got me back on track with work and i really enjoy it, the little workshops we're doing with angie and hugo are so helpful and i will definately use them in future projects. i feel like im working a lot harder since the first project.
enterprise is a new thing this year and i dont think im enjoying it too much, its not difficult or anything i just dont think that subject inerests me much so i find it hard to concentrate but hey, its only once a week!

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