Thursday, 4 June 2009

This is work from the drawing workshop we did in our creative approches to fashion project. i put this piece in because it was one of the 1st ones i did and showed me that i'm not as bad at sketching as i think!
we used all different media's in this piece which made the materieals on the persons clothes look different and made it stand out as one of my favourites

everyone went round to different easles drawing different sections of the subject we're sketching.i love how colourful this is as well as the fact that eceryone contributed to it.

this is a piece from my elective drawing practice group and it really helped me with my drawing skills and being able to shade and use proportion correctly.
this is another sketch from my elective,we were tld to do some pieces and use an eraser to take away negative space. i was suprised that this technique worked so well and this ended up being one of my favorites from the course.

This sketch was done in the drawing class we did and i liked all the techniques and different medias we used. This was one of my favorite PIeces i did.
This was at the very start of the year and we got to make a dress out of paper and design of the stand garments for our dolls. i thought the dress me and kate made was really interesting and made a great shape.

i chose these bacause these are designs i did at the start of the year and was happy that i had used interesting shapes and not just stuch to the body's sillouhette.

this was a research page put of my first project- creative approaches to fashion. i chose this page because it shows the theme i was going for which helped me develop my garment later on in the prject.

This is a research page i did over the summer before i started. the work i had choses was slah and burn so i wanted to get this across in my 1st research pages even though it doesnt quite show the direction im going to go in.

I chose thi spiece bacuse it was the first final line-up and proper piece of CAD work i had done on my own.
These are some designs I drew for the Creative Design practices module. Iused more unusual shapes than normal which gave me more ideas throughout the project

these designs are part of my design development and i was proud of the work i prduces and the designs i had thought of.

In my fashion art and culture project these are some of the images I modified on photoshop to show the sort of tone i wanted to get across in my work

I chose this research board because it was one of my favorite pages i did because of the colour and combination of research and design on the page.

Monday, 1 June 2009

these are pictures of my final garment and illustration

the talk about th pathways were really helpful as i thought that the pathways were different to what i got told in the presentation. i ended up choosing pathway b because i wanted to do a more hight street/retail part of fashion and i think i would be better at it than pathway a where you have to be extra creative to make one off pieces. im really excited for next year and to start doing the new modules. the tailoring course sounds really interesting and it will be a good skill to have. im now trying to pick my 15 pieces for my presentation and taking notes on why im choosing them so i can put them all on to here and the disk.

updates since easter

starting work with our 3rd years was a little nerve wracking. i was a bit worried what we would have to do and if they were nice. i think i was lucky! emily was really nice and gave me plenty to do. i collected a lot of things for her in town over th weeks including fabric and other materials. i was also given the responsibility of cutting out patterns in paper and doing some research for packaging and locations in which to advertise.
The interdisciplinary processes project went well and i felt really on top of my work so i didnt need to rush anything. the fabric workshop with angie was really interesting and i made my fabric i was using in my final piece. the tasks we were given over the days in college i thought were helpful as i tend to do more work when im given a target or deadline to work to.