Monday, 1 February 2010

after xmas

16th jan-christmas was really good, it was nice to go hame and have a little break and now back and doing design realisation, this project is a follow on from tailoring processes and im really enjoying this one, i seem to work more,and harder the more i like the project. we're making a garment on this project and im pretty excited about this as my garment in application of design was awful, i really want to prove that i can do well when making the garment.

we're also doin ppd2 at the moment which is ok, its just preparing for work experience and the interview we have at the end of the year,which is gonna make me so nervous! crit is still goin well,the lectures arent quite as good as the start of the year but still interesting and i enjoy the seminars,i just dont like my time slot (3pm-5pm)

29th jan- im making shorts for my project ive decided, im working on them now and im pretty optimistic about it as ots goin pretty well and getting put toghether pretty fast which means more time to do my technical package!yay

enterprise is goin ok,im in a group with bonnie and grace and our ideas arent strong enough for our business so we keep having to think of a new idea which is frustrating but im sure we'll get it in the end.

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