Monday, 9 February 2009

nearly th end

the creative design practices project is nearly over and i cant wait to hand it in!it took me a while to get into this project,more than others, but the more ive done, the more ive enjoyed doing it. i need to do lots of photoshop work now and im not that great at it so thats a challenge. The fashion art and culture module is going well and i find it really interesting. i usually get bored after someone talks for a long time but the lectures are really interesting and i seem to be taking a lot of it in. im not sure what my final piece will be yet but im thinkin i'd like to study the flapper girl era as this was one of the subjects that interested me th most.i haven't done a massive amount of resarch yet because of the creative design practices but i can do more over reading week to get a better idea of what i want to make.