Friday, 30 April 2010

photoshoot i found when researching

these are some photos i found from a shoot with kate moss and some gypsies,i am goin to use these photos in my research, maybe do a few extra pages if i can as really love these photos, they are just what i was looking for in this project.

Wednesday, 28 April 2010

i really like this project (research practices) because it links in with critical studies which ive really enjoyed this year. my idea is to use a gypsy them to develop my research and design until i have a final line up and can create my 1/2 scale model. so far im designing, ive finished my research and i need to get my design finished as i want to start making on monday or tuesday. because we are only in once a week for this project it seems really short but i enjoy havin my own time to do work and i think i work just as well as if i was in uni everyday
im so gladcrit and enterprise are handed in, im terrible at writing so im not expecting much of a grade for my essay but my folder was ok. enterprise presentations were on tuesday and it was so nervouse before and during, it wa such a relief after they were finished, and our busness plan and notes were handed in the week before.
the search for work experience has been hard,ive e mailed around 8 places and the only replies i;ve had are just that they dont do work experince or no reply at all,i need to try again,it just keep getting pused to the back of my mind and other prjects and work gettign in front of it.