Friday, 12 March 2010

its my presentation next week as well as hand in and im so nervous, my trend book is really good,i like it a lot i think it looks quite proffesional even though i had to re print a few pages as there were a few spelling mistakes! i have my presentation pretty much sorted i just need to practice it, and maybe pay someone to do it for me! i liked that we were shown properly how to do flats on this project at the start in the mac suites, its definately gonna benefit my work from now on as its such a good skill to have. it made my trend book look so much more proffessional than if i had just drawn them.
We've finally got our enterprise business idea sorted, its called rococo and we make new garments form vintage fabrics,still got a little bit to work on it but im happy we finally have an idea we can work with.

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